I‘m an author, language developer, and founder of büro brun – a think thank for language and identity development. In my work, I am particularly concerned with questions of identity and transformation in the field of tension between experience and concept. Studying the links between art and design, culture and consumer culture, my work moves at the interface between present and future thinking.

Recent art texts include:

Conversation with Arthur Jafa at the PIAC Prix International d‘Art Contemporain, 2019; Talk with Tomás Saraceno at the Studio Saraceno, 2019 (COTE); Art talk with Hans Ulrich Obrist at the Engadin Art Talks in Zuoz, 2019; Conversation with curator and art critic Francesco Bonami, 2019 (COTE); Conversation with Federico Campagna at the Verbier Art Summit, 2019(Novembre); Art talk with Kunsthalle Zürich solo exhibition artist Heji Shin, 2019; Dialogue with Dan Holdsworth for the Rolls-Royce Art Programme,2018 (L'Officiel Suisse); Talk witch Julian Charrière on the occasion of his solo exhibition at the Berlinische Galerie, 2018(L'Hommes).

Older things: Trendunion by Lidewij Edelkoort in focus, 2017 (B'Spoque); Talk with Antwerp-based design collective Weber Hodel Feder, 2016 (Platea); Design talk with Dutch artist Bastiaan de Nennie on the occasion of the material award, 2016; Artist talk with Wim Wenders at the 68th Berlinale, 2016; Report on Art in Crisis – Athens, 2016 (Platea); Feature on the new rules of buying, 2015 (lofficiel.de); Feature on watch manufactury Glashütte Original, 2016 (B'Spoque); Report on Doing Fashion at the Institute of Fashion Design Basel, 2015 (Bolero); Report on Mode Suisse,2015;  Conversation with Walter Pfeiffer, 2011 (Bolero), and many more.


Education Bio: Cultural Analysis and Art History, MA from the University of Zurich, 2015. Art Criticism, Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London,2012. Communication and Journalism Studies, BA from the University of Zurich,2011.

Publications: Novembre, Provence, L‘Officiel Art, COTE, L‘Hommes, L‘Officiel Suisse, Platea, Textil Revue, B‘Spoque, L'Officiel Germany, Bolero, amongst others.

I‘ve worked on many corporate projects, including projects w/ IXDS Berlin, IKEA, Julius Baer Foundation, Story Lab, Supertext, Collective Swallow, Sergeant Pepper, Wempe, and more.

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